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TMJ Treatment Payette, ID

TMJ Treatment in Payette Idaho

The temporomandibular joint which connects the jawbone to the skull may become tense and cause pain, developing a TMJ disorder. Many patients with TMJ may have a misaligned and imbalanced bite. Symptoms like teeth clenching and grinding may develop as a result.

Common Signs of TMJ

There are multiple signs of TMJ to look out for:

  • Jaw pain
  • Neck pain
  • Chronic earaches
  • Teeth clenching and grinding
  • Chronic migraines
  • Back or shoulder pain
  • Jaw popping or clicking

If left untreated, TMJ can seriously damage the jaw joint, teeth, and surrounding tissues. It is important to stop these symptoms at the source with professional dental care.

Treating TMJ

Before treatment, Dr. Brock Hyder will assess your oral health and discuss your budget and goals with you. If you have extensive wear and damage from TMJ symptoms, Dr. Hyder may recommend cosmetic and restorative solutions to be used after oral appliance therapy.

Oral appliance therapy can be used to protect teeth and treat TMJ disorders. Oral appliances are custom-fit and cover teeth to prevent teeth clenching and grinding. This option not only minimizes wear and tear but also diminishes muscle contractions which are often the source of chronic migraines. Oral appliances alleviate jaw pain and prevent teeth from making contact.

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Stop jaw and facial pain at the source. If you have noticed the signs of TMJ, call Payette Dental at 208.243.9807. Dr. Hyder and his team will be happy to provide you with a custom-fit oral appliance.