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Payette Dental Provides Healthy Smiles for the Whole Family

Payette Dental is a family friendly dentist office that welcomes patients of all ages. Dr. Brock Hyder and his team enjoy helping young patients learn how to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our staff is compassionate and understand that children have different needs than adults. As a family dentist office, child are able to receive dental care alongside their parent or caregiver. This alone will help combat dental anxiety and fear of the dentist. We provide dental exams, teeth cleanings, and preventative dental care for all ages.

Caring for your Child’s Teeth

Children begin ‘teething’ by 6 months old. Their teeth will continue to erupt until about age three. At this point, about twenty primary teeth should be present. The primary teeth will begin to fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth. Children can begin losing teeth by age four however there is no standard age and each child is unique. Once a baby tooth is lost, a permanent tooth will push its way through the gums.

We believe children should be seen by a dentist when the first baby tooth erupts or by the age of one. Dr. Hyder will monitor your child’s oral development to make sure everything is normal. If any problems are noticed, early intervention may be best to prevent serious concerns in the future. This is better for your child’s oral health and may save you money on complex treatments.

After your child’s first dentist appointment, we would like to see them every six months thereafter. You can even schedule your checkups at the same time so you do not have to make multiple trips. During each dentist appointment, we will clean their teeth, check for tooth decay and gum disease, and give your child age appropriate advice on how to care for their teeth and gums.

Dentistry for Children FAQs

Q. How important are primary teeth?

Primary or “baby” teeth help children speak and chew. They also help to form a path for permanent future teeth, so it is important to take care of them. Cavities and infection can be painful and can lead to serious health problems, which is why primary teeth need to be taken care of.

Q. How does one care for primary teeth?

A. As soon as your child’s first tooth shows, they can be cleaned with a wet washcloth or wet gauze. If a toothbrush is used, it should be the correct size for your child.

Q. Where does decay on the primary teeth occur most often?

A. Tooth decay may occur on the upper front teeth or the upper primary molars found furthest back in the mouth.  These primary teeth should also be flossed.

Q. When should I start using toothpaste on my child’s teeth?

You should use a small portion of toothpaste to brush your child’s teeth twice a day. Even before teeth come in, you should use an infant toothbrush or wet washcloth to clean your child’s gums.

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