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Dental Fillings in Payette, ID

What do dental fillings treat?

Dental fillings clean and seal out tooth decay and protect teeth from further damage. Modern dental fillings are a safe and effective dental treatment for maintaining a healthy smile.

Created from a biocomposite resin “white” filling, dental fillings blend in with existing teeth for a natural look. Dental fillings not only look great, but are an excellent way to treat tooth decay and damage. Cavities that are left unaddressed can result in tooth loss, which compromises your oral health even further. Many patients may expect dental fillings to be a painful treatment, but this option actually relieves the pain caused by damage and decay.

Dental Fillings: What To Expect

Dr. Brock Hyder will assess the tooth or teeth that need the dental filling before treatment. Anesthetic is used to numb the area being worked on for your comfort. Then the tooth or teeth will be cleaned and filled with the biocomposite material. The resin is cured with a special light, and then the final restoration is polished for a natural shine.

This restoration will last for years with the right dental care. Make sure you brush and floss twice a day and schedule yearly dentist visits to maintain your smile. In addition, if you have old metal fillings that are broken, they can easily be replaced by white dental fillings. Traditional metal fillings made up of dental amalgam may contain elemental mercury. Modern white dental fillings are made of safe and durable material. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hyder to learn more about your dental treatment options.

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