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Painless root canals in Payette, ID

The root canal is in the interior of the tooth. This is the location of the pulp and nerves. Infection and decay can infiltrate the canal and quickly cause deterioration. A root canal procedure is used to save a tooth from extraction, which can occur if the infection is severe. Dr. Brock Hyder is a general and restorative dentist in Payette, ID that offer root canal therapy to patients who suffer from painful infections.

About Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Hyder is a highly educated and experienced dentist that can solve complex dental cases. Patients that come to him with severe tooth pain are often suffering greatly and fear the procedure. However, the root canal procedure will alleviate the pain by removing the infection. If Dr. Hyder discovers tooth decay, a cracked tooth, or a chipped tooth, he will recommend immediate treatment. Performing the appropriate treatment will prevent bacteria from entering the root canal and causing an infection. There are many signs that an infection has set in.

Signs that a root canal is needed:

  • Tooth pain
  • Sensitive gums
  • Tooth sensitivity to temperature
  • Darkening tooth enamel
  • Gum tenderness and swelling

The Root Canal Procedure

A root canal procedure is actually very simple and routine. It has a bad reputation for being very painful however the pain is from the infection, not the procedure. To begin, Dr. Hyder will numb the area around the tooth. Then he will drill a small hole in the back of the tooth. Using a special tooth, he will remove the infected pulp from inside the tooth. Next Dr. Hyder will thoroughly clean the chamber. Filling the tooth with a biocomposite material to give it strength is the last step.

After most root canals, Dr. Hyder will recommend a dental crown. This is to give the tooth extra strength, protect it from further decay and damage, and make it look aesthetically pleasing. The crown will be custom fit and color matched to blend in with your natural teeth. A tooth crown is like a cap because it completely encases the tooth to support its long term health.

Root Canal FAQs

What does a root canal feel like?

Root canals are often compared to dental fillings, which are Anesthesia that is used to numb the area makes the procedure painless. Your tooth may feel numb for several hours after your root canal.

How long does it take to heal from a root canal?

It can take several days to heal from the procedure, and you may feel mild pain which will fade.

How long will my root canal last?

Your root canal should last you a lifetime as a permanent restoration.

Can a root canal fail?

There are a few circumstances where the procedure can fail. Cracks in the root area or any type of obstruction can make it hard to properly clean out the tooth.

Schedule a Root Canal Procedure

Do you have tooth pain or tooth sensitivity? You may need a root canal procedure. Choose Payette Dental for comprehensive professional care. Call Dr. Hyder at 208.243.9807 to schedule an appointment today.