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Are You Afraid of a Root Canal?

Dental anxiety is a fairly common affliction affecting many patients. However, even patients who aren’t normally afraid of the dentist can suffer some apprehension when it comes to root canals. A root canal in Payette, ID, is actually a fairly quick and routine treatment that often relieves more pain than it might cause. The more you understand about how a root canal works, the more you can face the treatment you need with confidence. While it’s normal to feel anxiety before an appointment, failure to get treatment can lead to worsening conditions and even tooth loss.

A Root Canal in PAYETTE ID often relieves more pain than it could cause

How to Face a Root Canal in Payette, ID, With Ease

Getting a root canal is necessary when infection or disease spreads to the inner layer of your tooth. When your pulp becomes infected, it tends to swell, pushing against the hard casing of your tooth. This can cause severe pain and discomfort, as well as sensitivity to temperature or pressure. If not treated, an infection in your pulp could lead to the eventual need for a tooth extraction. A successful root canal can help preserve your natural tooth.

Understanding the Root Canal Process

To help restore your tooth, your dentist will need to remove the infected pulp. In order to do this, they will need to drill a small hole in your tooth. Before drilling, however, your dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic. Once the anesthetic sets in, most patients will feel little to no pain during the procedure. It’s common to feel pressure while your dentist works, much like getting a cavity filled.

After drilling the hole, your dentist will use specialized tools to remove the infected pulp. Most patients report immediate relief of pain and discomfort once the procedure is complete. However, leaving your tooth unprotected with a hole in it can cause further complications. To finish off a root canal, your dentist will likely recommend getting a dental crown that helps protect your tooth.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

If you experience anxiety about your appointment, it’s a good idea to let your dentist know ahead of time. They can work with you to help you feel comfortable getting the treatment you need. Some ways that could help you overcome anxiety include:

  • Scheduling a consultation ahead of time to ask questions
  • Scheduling additional appointment time to help give you time to get comfortable
  • Bringing headphones and music with you to listen to during your appointment
  • Bringing along a trusted friend or family member that can help keep you calm during treatment

By being open and honest about your worries, you can take control of your appointment and help yourself feel more at ease.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

If you suffer from severe tooth pain or sensitivity, an infected pulp could be the culprit. At Payette Dental, we provide root canal treatment right from the comfort of our office. Call us today at 208.243.9807 to schedule a consultation and see if a root canal is right for you.