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Dentist Crystal, ID

Payette Dental is a family friendly dentist office and home to Dr. Brock Hyder and his talented dental team. We are equipped to meet all the oral health needs of every member in your family, even children. Payette Dental is currently welcoming patients of all ages from Crystal, Idaho. We are passionate about dentistry and want to help our patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

Dentist Crystal, ID

Preventive Dental Care

Payette Dental offers comprehensive general dentistry to help patients maintain healthy smiles. General dentistry focuses on the preventive dental care necessary to keep teeth and gums disease-free. We recommend visiting our dentist office twice a year. At each visit, we will thoroughly clean your teeth, screen for various diseases, and perform a comprehensive oral exam.

The Importance of Routine Dental Care

When you visit our Crystal, Idaho area dentist office twice a year, this allows Dr. Hyder to notice dental issues early. The expert dental team at Payette Dental will then recommend the most conservative treatments available that are designed to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. The treatments we offer will also prevent further dental issues from arising. Regular dental visits combined with proper at-home oral hygiene are both essential to maintaining proper oral health.

Transform Your Smile

No one wants to hide their teeth while smiling! Many of our patients do not realize that a perfect smile is attainable and affordable. If you are unhappy with your teeth, Dr. Hyder can correct the flaws with various cosmetic dentistry treatments. These cosmetic treatments will improve the appearance of your teeth and also support your long-term dental health. Investing in your smile can drastically change your life for the better by helping with your confidence level. This can help you in your personal and professional life.

Dentist Crystal, ID

Restore Your Smile

A healthy mouth is vital to living a healthy life. Restorative dentistry is important because it addresses missing, damaged, or diseased teeth, gum disease, and bite issues. All of these issues must be treated for a person to maintain their oral health. When issues with your teeth, gums or jaw are present, it creates instability with your oral and overall health. Dr. Hyder has the experience and knowledge to fix these types of complex issues and will recommend treatment as soon as possible so they do not progress and create further issues.

Dental Treatments

A complete list of the dental treatments we offer is listed below. If you suffer from complex dental problems or have not visited the dentist in a while, Dr. Hyder will create a custom treatment plan. Your personalized plan will be designed to improve your oral health and restore the form and function of your gums and teeth. It will include any combination of general, cosmetic and restorative treatments. Your plan will also be geared towards your goals, needs and budget.

General Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Restorative Dentistry
Dental Fillings Porcelain Veneers Dental Bridge
Emergency Dental Care Tooth Bonding Dental Crown
Family Dentistry Dental Implants
Mouthguards Dentures & Partials
Root Canal Periodontal Therapy
Tooth Extraction TMJ Treatment

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