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Dentist Annex, OR

Dr. Brock W. Hyder provides a full range of comprehensive dental services that are designed to prevent dental problems, treat various conditions and issues, and improve the appearance of your smile. He offers his dental care services to patients of all ages including children. Located in Payette, ID, Dr. Hyder welcomes patients from many surrounding areas including patients from Annex, Oregon.

Dentist Annex, OR

Dr. Hyder strives to provide top quality dental care for every patient. He believes that establishing relationships with every patient is important. This allows him to get to know you and offer you the customized dental care you need and desire. There is no one size fits all in dentistry. Dr. Hyder is very passionate about dentistry and has dedicated his dental career to helping others achieve optimal oral health. He has created a dental practice where you will feel comfortable and confident about the care you receive.

Family Dental Care

Payette Dental is a family dentist office that serves patients from Annex, OR. Dr. Hyder and his caring staff welcome young patients and look forward to meeting their unique oral health care need as well as teaching them about properly caring for their teeth and gums. As a family dentist office, you can bring your entire family to our office in one visit. Everyone will receive the customized care they need. When children are treated by the same people that treat them, it helps to ease common fears children have about the dentist.

What to Expect

At your dentist appointments, our dental team will ask you if you have any dental problems. Dental x-rays or other diagnostics will be taken when necessary. Typically about once a year, we take whole mouth x-rays. You will receive a dental examination where we will be looking for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. We will chart all your teeth and also make sure your bite is aligned. One of our dental hygienists will thoroughly remove all the built up plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line. They will then polish and floss your teeth leaving you with a fresh smile.

At the end of your visit, Dr. Hyder will recommend any additional treatment that he feels necessary such as a dental filling to treat a tooth cavity. We also recommend scheduling your next dentist appointment which will be about six months later.

Dental Services

Dr. Hyder offers a full menu of services to patients from Annex, OR. The main focus of his practice is on preventive dental care which is vital to avoiding problems such as cavities and gum disease. Dr. Hyder also has extensive experience treating complex dental issues such as diseased, damaged or missing teeth. For patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile, he offers several cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Welcoming New Patients from Annex, OR

Dr. Brock Hyder is currently welcoming new patients from Annex, OR. His dentist office is located in Payette, ID, just a short distance from Annex. To schedule an appointment, contact our office at 208.243.9807.