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Dental Health Myths Debunked

Is flossing really that important? Are bleeding gums normal? Many patients can have misconceptions about their oral health and dental problems. As your dentist in Fruitland, ID, we want to help you know how to care for your smile properly and when to visit the dentist. We’re here to help you maintain your smile and educate you about oral health misconceptions.

Dental Health Myths Debunked

Debunking Myths with Your Dentist in Fruitland, ID

Some of the most common myths that still circulate around dental patients include:

‘I Don’t Need to Floss’

Many patients may not floss because they don’t think it’s not an important step in caring for their teeth and gums. However, flossing between each tooth before brushing your teeth helps remove food and bacterial buildup that contribute to dental infections. Even if you brush your teeth, refraining from flossing can contribute to problems like gum disease.

‘Bleeding Gums Are Normal’

Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? While this may seem normal, bleeding gums are a sign of gum inflammation, also known as gingivitis. Over time, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis or gum disease. If you don’t have any other symptoms of gum disease, including gum recession and red or purple-tinged gums, you can reverse bleeding gums by flossing before brushing your teeth.

‘I Can Wait to See a Dentist for Emergencies’

Routine dental care is an important part of routine visits, so we recommend that patients schedule visits to our office every six months. Don’t wait to visit the dentist until it’s an emergency. You can develop dental problems without even noticing them at first. For example, early signs of gum disease can include bleeding and painful gums. Over time, gum disease can create deep gum pockets. If you visit a dentist at that point, you’ll need deep gum cleanings to keep your chronic infection in check.

‘Brushing Harder Gets Your Teeth Cleaner’

Many patients may think brushing their teeth harder will help them clean them more effectively. However, if you brush your teeth too aggressively, you can wear down your outer tooth enamel. Over time, you can experience tooth sensitivity and pain when brushing. Brushing hard can also damage the gums and increase the risk of gum recession. When brushing, brush gently and brush for two minutes twice daily. If you get an electric toothbrush, your brush can work for you!

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