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4 Foods That Can Break a Tooth

Your teeth are designed to bite, chew, and endure a vast amount of wear and tear without issue regularly. But abnormal pressure from irregular biting or hard textures might make a tooth chip, crack, or fracture.

This dental injury can both disrupt the look of your smile and leave a vulnerable spot where you can see further dental complications. Do not ignore tooth breakage. Visit your dentist for urgent care to repair this damage.

You can better avoid this accident if you understand what items could lead to this problem. Read on to discover four popular foods that might harm your dental structure if you are not careful.

prevent tooth breakage from food

Which Food Items Might Cause Tooth Breakage?


Popcorn makes for a fun snack to enjoy when watching a movie either at home or out at a theater. It is made from a hard type of corn kernel that expands into a light, puffy treat when heated. But the fluffy texture can hide hard unpopped kernels that may linger at the bottom of your bowl.

If you bite down on one of these kernels, the hard surface could cause one or more of your teeth to break. A crack or chip in your tooth might seem annoying, but this injury can easily worsen, putting you in danger of further dental harm like tooth decay or infections. Be careful when you enjoy this type of snack and consult your dentist if you hurt your teeth.


Bagels are ideal when making a sandwich for any time of day. But many people do not realize that bagels are incredibly dense. Bagels and other types of hard bread can pose a threat of breaking your teeth if you are not careful when biting into them.

Consider using softer-textured bread when building a sandwich if you want to be extra cautious about your dental structure. If you do hurt your teeth, visit your dentist for urgent dental repairs. They will likely use a dental crown, which seals and creates a shield over a damaged tooth, to restore its shape and its protection of its vulnerable interior.

Hard Candy

Hard candy refers to a type of sweet treat made from boiled sugar that solidifies into familiar candy as it cools. You suck this candy in the mouth until it dissolves. But many people feel tempted to bite down and crunch on the candy before this point.

This creates a serious risk of dental injuries. So if you do not think you can resist biting your hard candy, you might want to steer clear of this treat. Otherwise, you could find yourself spending extra time and money undergoing restorative dental work at your dentist’s office.

Corn on the Cob

Corn grows naturally on a cob, and eating it directly this way can be fun. But your teeth are not built to withstand biting into the hard corn cob. The grating against this hard surface might cause you to break a tooth.

You might want to enjoy eating corn off of its cob when you can in order to preserve your dental structure. While a dentist can fix many types of dental injuries, you should maintain your natural smile for as long as you can. Be careful when eating hard-textured foods.