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Consider Oral Hygiene on Vacation

With the arrival of summer, you are likely looking forward to a vacation. Whether you travel to explore a new area or visit friends and family in another state, you have a lot to plan for before you leave your home.

Unfortunately, plaque formation will not take a break when you do, so you must stay diligent when it comes to your oral hygiene routine to protect your smile. Planning ahead will make it easier to stick to this regimen. Read on to find three tips from your dentist to keep your smile clean and healthy during your trip.

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Oral Hygiene Tips for When You Travel

Keep Your Oral Hygiene Supplies Handy

As you determine what you need to pack for your trip, your toothbrush and toothpaste are likely high on your list because you use them every day. However, packing your oral hygiene supplies in your suitcase may make them difficult to reach if you need them on the fly.

Your luggage might be stowed in an airplane on a long flight or locked in a hotel room as you explore a new area. You do not want plaque to linger and hurt your smile because you do not have the proper materials with you.

For this reason, it is a good idea to keep oral hygiene supplies on hand during your trip. Floss in your pocket or wallet, for instance, can help you keep your smile clean on the go.

Plan Healthy Snack Options

Many people look forward to specific meals during the vacation. Whether you intend to check out a new restaurant or have a home-cooked meal, food factors into your oral health.

This is why you should also plan potential snacks ahead of time too. If you have healthy snacks like nuts ready, you curb cravings that can hurt your teeth.

For instance, sugary treats could harm your smile and heighten your risk for cavities. Avoid this risk by keeping beneficial snack options on hand.

Stay Hydrated on the Go

If you have a busy schedule for your vacation, you might forget to drink the recommended amount of water. If you get dehydrated, not only will you face medical consequences, but you could harm your smile as well.

Low levels of hydration can lead to dry mouth. This condition will allow bacteria to spread with ease across your teeth. It will then increase your risk of oral infections like gum disease. This infection can cause severe, irreversible damage to your gums, teeth, and jaw, so you should take preventative measures when it comes to your gum health.

This includes drinking plenty of water to stave off gum disease. Pack an easy-to-carry water bottle on your trip so that you can stay hydrated more effectively. Dentists suggest that you should drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day to maintain your hydration levels.