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Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are a fairly routine dental procedure. Many dentists are experienced with them and do them frequently throughout the year. But how do you know if your tooth needs to be extracted? Dr. Brock W. Hyder of Payette Dental, a dentist in New Plymouth, ID, discusses the reasons and process for a tooth extraction.general dentist in new plymouth, idaho

Extraction Reasoning

Two of the most typical reasons for tooth extraction are teeth that are severely decayed or damaged. At Payette Dental, we always try to use the most conservative treatment method possible. However, conservative methods don’t always work. If a tooth is too damaged to support a dental crown or too decayed that a root canal won’t fix it, extraction is the next step.

Extraction is only done when absolutely necessary. You’ll have a consultation with Dr. Hyder to determine the best course of action. He’ll determine what will ultimately be the game plan to fixing your problem tooth.

Tooth extraction is also done when you have teeth that are extremely cramped or crooked. If the upper or lower jaw is underdeveloped, it may cause problems with your teeth. They can be cramped or crooked, which can cause other oral health problems. Dr. Hyder may recommend removing a tooth so that your teeth can shift and have the space they need.

Wisdom Tooth Problems

Wisdom teeth are teeth that are most likely extracted. In your late teens or early twenties, the wisdom teeth will develop. Most times, our jaws don’t have the room for this extra set of teeth. Dr. Hyder will monitor the development of these teeth through x-rays and other diagnostic tools. This can help to determine if they’ll cause problems when they erupt.

Wisdom teeth often become impacted or stuck in place. While tooth extractions are usually a simple process, impacted teeth require a bit more. Dr. Hyder will work with a local anesthesiologist to proceed with a surgical procedure to get rid of the teeth that are causing you issues.

The Tooth Extraction Process

If Dr. Hyder determines that an extraction is necessary, it’ll be scheduled at our office. Local anesthetic can be used to numb the area around the tooth that needs to be removed. The ligaments connecting the tooth will be severed and it’ll be rocked back and forth gently in the socket. The tooth will then slowly be removed and gauze will be used to stop the bleeding.

While missing teeth can cause other oral health problems, we offer many options for tooth replacement. Dr. Hyder can discuss the multiple possibilities with you to see which one is the best fit. Dental implants, full and partial dentures, and dental bridges are all suitable to replace missing teeth.

Tooth Extraction at Your New Plymouth, Idaho Dentist

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