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Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Payette, ID

Getting your children started early with an oral health routine gives them a better chance at a great smile down the road. Children are often susceptible to cavities and tooth decay, among other things. Payette Dental, a comprehensive family dentist in Payette, ID offers dental services for children and adults of all ages.dentist in payette idaho

What are the Benefits of Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is extremely important. Children and their caregivers can come to the dentist’s office at the same time for their treatment. This makes things easier for busy parents, while also helping children with their dental anxiety. Seeing their parent get a checkup done and then having them beside them through theirs can help soothe a nervous child.

It’s also important to get children in the habit of a bi-annual dentist visit. This gets them into a routine that they can continue when they grow up and are on their own. A dentist can also emphasize the importance of at-home dental care. With fun toothbrushes and friendly staff, we try to help children understand that taking care of your teeth can be fun!

The Importance of Primary Teeth

Since they’re not permanent, you may not realize how important the primary teeth can be to a future smile. They’re what form the pathway for permanent teeth. Getting cavities can compromise the development of those teeth, as well as causing pain for the child. Things like this can make a child fear the dentist.

Primary teeth are also big helpers for the child. The teeth help them develop their speech and chew solid foods. Even before the teeth come in, you should use an infant toothbrush to make sure the gums are nice and clean. A wet washcloth can also work as a tool to clean infant gums or the first few teeth.

You should also be sure to floss the primary teeth. Again, this gets children into a routine and gets them used to flossing. Cavities are often formed in the back molars where we chew or the upper front teeth. Be sure to pay extra attention to these tooth decay problem areas while you’re assisting your child with brushing and flossing.

Family Dentistry is More Convenient for You

When you have children, it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s events and activities. If you’re all going to the dentist at the same place, it’s one last place you have to rush to. You can schedule your appointments on the same day, meaning you can check a dentist’s office visit off for everyone.

Having a family dentist is also like having a family doctor. All of your records are in one place. You get to know our wonderful staff and they know your unique cases. They’ll learn the best way to treat a child if they suffer from dental anxiety, making sure they get the treatment they need as smoothly as possible. The Payette Dental family is your family!

Family Dentist in Payette, Idaho

Payette Dental is proud to offer a staff that’s experienced in dental care for every age. Call us today or schedule an appointment online to get started!