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Dentist Ontario, OR

When it comes to your smile, you want an expert taking care of it. Your smile and teeth are the first things people will notice about you. Dr. Brock Hyder with Payette Dental offers expert dental care to create a gorgeous smiles that will make lasting first impressions. He delivers exceptional care to each patient and their unique oral care needs. Payette Dental is conveniently located near Ontario, Oregon and is accepting new patients seeking a dentist that provides comprehensive and quality care. Call 208.243.9807 today to schedule your first appointment!

Dentist Ontario, OR

Meet Dr. Brock Hyder

Dr. Hyder has a reputation for being a passionate dentist and being dedicated to each of his patients. He is constantly perfecting his skills and learning new and better dental techniques. He refuses to offer anything less than high-qualify dental care. Dr. Hyder has offered his own time to help people who do not have access to proper dental care in Southern California, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua and Cambodia. His devotion to the field of dentistry is truly insurmountable.

What to Expect

Your first dentist appointment with Dr. Hyder at his Ontario, OR area dentist office is typically longer than usual. We will need you to fill out paper work, you will receive dental x-rays, and you will undergo a comprehensive oral evaluation. Dr. Hyder will fully examine your teeth, jaw, bite and gums to make sure everything looks like normal. One of our dental hygienists will gently clean your teeth, removing all the plaque, tartar and stains. This is followed by a polishing that will leave your teeth looking fresh and bright! Our staff will also take the time to educate you on how to properly floss your teeth what a proper oral hygiene routine looks like.

Family Dental Care

Dr. Hyder is a family dentist that offers services to patients no matter what their age is. He is trained and experienced in meeting oral care needs at every stage of life. The advantage for you is your entire family can be treated from one location and even during the same visit saving you time. This can simplify your schedule and your children may feel more comfortable being seen by the same people that treat you.

Dental Services We Offer

Payette Dental offers an array of dental treatments and services to patients young and old. In addition to typical dental services, he can supply his patients suffering from sleep apnea with an oral appliance. This mouthpiece can be worn at night to prevent the airway from being blocked. Do you grind your teeth at night? He can also fit you for a moughguard that is worn at night to prevent major damage to your teeth. He also offers custom fit sports mouthguards for children and adults who partake in contact sports to properly protect their teeth.

Schedule Your Dentist Appointment Today
Dr. Hyder and the Payette Dental staff look forward to meeting you and delivering the personalized dental care you need. Call our Ontario, OR area dentist office at 208.243.9807 today to schedule your first appointment.