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Dentist Cairo, OR

If you need a dentist that can treat your entire family, Dr. Hyder is a passionate and dedicated family dentist. He welcomes patients from Cairo, Oregon to his dental practice, just a short distance away. Dr. Brock Hyder and his experienced staff will provide the appropriate care for patients based on their age. Busy families will have everyone’s oral health needs met in one stop.

Dentist Cairo, OR

Your Local Family Dentist Office

We recommend visiting our dentist office every six months for regular checkups and professional teeth cleanings. This includes children starting by the time their primary teeth erupt. Bringing your child in for these dentist appointments early in life is beneficial for many reasons. It allows them to become familiar with a dentist office setting and get used to people treating their teeth. Getting used to going to the dentist will ease anxiety in the future. It is also very important because it gives us a chance to identify dental problems in the early stages when treatment is more conservative. More importantly, having your child seen by a dentist regularly will ensure they have healthy teeth and gums for years to come.

What to Expect

During each regular checkup, you should expect an oral examination, a professional teeth cleaning, x-rays when needed, and a consultation with Dr. Hyder. During the oral exam, we will be looking for signs of tooth decay, oral cancer and gum disease as well as any other issues. One of our dental hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing all the built up plaque and tartar. We typically take x-rays once a year unless there is a problem and we need to get a better picture of the tooth. The last part of your appointment is where Dr. Hyder will recommend any treatment you may need to help you obtain optimal oral health.

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Dr. Hyder is also a talented restorative and cosmetic dentist that offers a full menu of treatments to patients from Cairo, Oregon. You can set up a separate consultation if you think you need these services or Dr. Hyder will address your dental problem during your routine oral health checkup. He works with all patients on an individual basis to make sure that the results are comfortable, functional and natural.

Restorative dental treatments are used to help patients restore their oral health when problems exist. Dr. Hyder has extensive experience treating patients who have complex dental problems. If you suffer from major dental problems, he can create a personalized treatment plan geared towards returning health and function. If you suffer from worn down, broken, or missing teeth, TMJ problems or periodontal disease, you can trust Dr. Hyder to restore your oral health. The restorative dentistry treatments we offer include:

Dr. Hyder offers cosmetic consultations to his patients who are unhappy with their smile. Here, you can openly share what you like and dislike about your smile. Dr. Hyder will then recommend your treatment options. He will only offer treatments that will benefit your oral health as well as compliment your natural smile. Sometimes he will combine general or restorative dental treatments with cosmetic dental treatments for a full smile makeover. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments include: