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What to Consider Before Dental Crown Treatment

Dental crowns are caps that cover and protect teeth. Crowns can fully cover worn and damaged teeth, large fillings, and even dental implants. If you are interested in dental crowns, we offer this restorative treatment for patients in Payette, ID, and the surrounding areas. There are multiple factors to consider before you receive restorative care, including dental crowns. We will review these factors so you are prepared for your treatment.

What to Consider Before Dental Crown Treatment

Factors to Consider Before Receiving Dental Crowns in Payette, ID

Before you receive dental crowns, there are multiple aspects of your care that you should take into account:


We will provide you with a thorough examination to ensure that you are a good candidate for dental crown treatment. Dental crowns benefit patients who have tooth damage or wear. Crowns can even benefit patients with extensive tooth damage, including fractures or breaks. We will also need to ensure that you are in good oral health before we provide you with dental crowns. Tooth decay or gum disease can impact the stability of your crown.


There are many types of dental crowns. Traditional dental crowns are made of different metals. Some may have a mix of metals, while others are gold. Crowns may also consist of porcelain fused to metal or porcelain crowns. We like to use porcelain dental crowns because they easily blend in with the smile. Even if the crowns are in the back of the mouth, metal crowns can be noticeable when smiling. We recommend porcelain crowns because they offer durability and aesthetics.


There is some preparation involved in the dental crown process. Knowing what happens during dental crown treatment can help prepare you for the procedure. Before we place crowns, we need to prepare the teeth. We etch into the tooth enamel to ensure the crowns will adhere to the teeth properly. Then, we take dental impressions of the teeth. We send these impressions to a lab, where technicians create custom-made crowns. At your next visit, we will cement the crowns to the teeth and ensure that they are the right shape and shade for your smile.


The cost of your dental crown treatment will depend on the materials used, how many crowns you need, and how much tooth preparation you need. We will provide you with a quote after we provide you with thorough X-rays and an examination. Some types of dental insurance can cover restorative care, including crowns.

Contact Payette Dental for comfortable dental crown treatment today at 208.243.9807. You can also schedule a dental consultation with us online. If you have any questions about dental crown treatment, please let us know, and we can help clarify treatment for you.