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Meet with Your Cosmetic Dentist

Are you unhappy with the way that your smile looks? Your dentist can recommend dental solutions that will enhance the appearance of your teeth. They take a personalized approach with each patient to ensure they can get smile enhancement treatment that suits their unique needs.

You can experience a more efficient appointment when you know what will happen before you arrive at your dentist’s office for this initial visit. Read on to discover what will occur when you see your cosmetic dentist in Payette, ID for a consultation.

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What Happens During a Cosmetic Dental Consult?

Evaluating Dental Health

You schedule this consultation in order to discuss cosmetic enhancement for your smile. But first, your dentist will want to examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy. A healthy smile will serve as a solid foundation for cosmetic dental work. Then you can feel confident that you are getting the most out of this dental treatment.

The dentist will check your smile, looking for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other concerns you might not realize are there. Then they can provide swift treatment to get rid of these issues. They will be easier to eradicate when caught early. So visit your dentist for routine check-ups that will stop dental problems from progressing and worsening in a timely manner.

Planning Individualized Smile Design

With a healthy smile in place, you can then talk with your dentist about your smile aesthetic goals. They will want to know any areas of concern in your teeth as well as your desired results from cosmetic dental treatment.

Then your dentist will factor in these goals with your medical history and existing dental structure to form a treatment strategy that will suit your unique smile. Everyone’s smile is different, which is why your dentist develops an individualized plan to help you get the best results.

Your dentist will maintain open communication throughout this process. But take the time to ask any questions during this consult too. The dentist will illustrate your anticipated results from the treatment to ensure you know what to expect from the process.

Scheduling Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Once you have a smile design plan established, you can work with the front office staff to schedule any necessary dental procedures. Your dentist will let you know how many appointments you will need to complete your cosmetic treatment.

Some procedures, like dental bonding, can be finished within one session with your dentist. But treatments like porcelain veneers may need three or more visits to finish the process, including the initial consult. Your dentist will also need to prepare the surface of the teeth and attach custom-made shells to the teeth.

To maintain your beautiful smile after your treatment, you will need to continue visiting your dentist for routine dental care. Follow-up appointments and teeth cleanings ensure your smile looks and feels its best and that your dental work functions as it should.