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Discover the Dental Implant Process

Have you suffered from tooth loss? You may notice a decline in your ability to perform oral functions and may feel self-conscious about the way your smile looks when you are missing teeth. Your dental professional can tell you about tooth replacement solutions that can restore and preserve your smile.

Dental implants offer a lifetime of benefits, but some patients may feel nervous about committing to an extensive dental treatment like this one. To alleviate any dental fear, Dr. Brock Hyder, a dentist located in Payette, ID, describes the steps your dental professional will take when you choose tooth replacement treatment with dental implants.

implant dentistry procedure Payette Idaho

Evaluating Your Oral Health

Missing teeth can cause additional dental concerns, so you should schedule a consultation with your dentist for tooth replacement treatment after tooth loss. The dental professional can evaluate the health of your smile, ensuring your teeth, gums, and jaw are healthy enough to proceed with this type of restorative dental treatment.

If you hope to replace missing teeth with dental implants, your dentist will examine the structure of your jaw too. This fixture includes a titanium post anchor that the dentist will secure into the jawbone.

If too much jawbone has deteriorated following tooth loss, it may not be strong enough to support the implant. Your dentist may recommend a bone graft to create more stability in the jaw if this is the case.

Surgically Placing the Implant Anchor

If your dentist determines that you are healthy enough to receive a dental implant, the process begins with oral surgery. The dentist will place the anchor into the jaw which will ultimately support the prosthetic tooth.

A single dental implant will use one anchor, an implant-supported dental bridge uses two: one for each end of the prosthetic, and an All-on-Four implant supports an entire arch of teeth with four anchors. You will need to recover from this surgery before proceeding to the next step of the implant dentistry process, which may take a few months.

Securing Your Permanent Prosthetic

When your surgical sites have healed, you will return to your dentist’s office to receive your permanent prosthetic teeth. This will consist of a crown, a bridge, or a denture, depending on your specific dental needs.

The prosthetic tooth secures to an abutment above the gumline attached to the anchor. Once the implant is in place, it can remain there for a lifetime. You will not have to worry about your fixtures slipping out of place or about seeking replacements as time passes.

Implant Dentistry Experts Located in Payette, ID

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